Anton Groth, COO


+46 708 786 970

About Anton

Mr. Anton Groth has a background in the development of research systems. He was head of software development at his former workplace and started his career as a project manager. He holds an MSc in IT management and a BSc in behavioral analysis of IT environments. In his spare time, you might find Anton on a cross-country ski track, in the sauna, or at one of the great restaurants in Luleå.

Gets motivated by…

To create continuous improvement within the company and for our customers is what gives me my dopamine during the workday.

The best thing about living in Luleå is that…

One of the best things about Luleå is the closeness to nature. After work, you can go fishing, skiing or kayaking. We also have an enormous potential rising in the north of Sweden due to the investments being made within sustainable industries. Last but not least, the four different seasons. Luleå has 1 meter of snow in the winter and in the summer it is warm and the sun is up almost 24/7.